I Just Got Nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Award! – (and I’m feeling pretty damn smug about it!)

Yaaay and I didn’t scare anyone this time….at least I don’t think so? 🙂 Thanks so much for the nomination Caroline – am new at this too and feel the same way! It’s been amazing and incredibly confidence building with regards to getting braver about putting another piece of my mind out there! Thanks again and congratulations to you on receiving the same honor 🙂

Caroline Peckham

Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Erich Michaels for nominating me for this award!!

You can find his blog here: https://erichmichaels.wordpress.com

(Definately spare a second to check it out! His writing is wonderful here’s one of his poems called Frost Shadows:

The sun’s rays have crested the horizon

My love dances in dew laden grass

I stand in the umbrage of the weeping willow

My breath a billowing cloud

My feet shuffle in the frost shadow

where the sun may never shine

(I told you he was good! – what are you still doing here!? Go check out his blog! Get gone!)

Also a quick thanks to the creator of the award and if you wanna read a bit more about it then check out this link:http://encouraginglife.co/about/encouraging-life-blog-awards/

So what does this award mean to me?
Well! A hell of a lot! I’ve only been blogging…

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