A bad hair day…

I've been wearing The 3 Little Piggies like a bad wig.  Everybody knows it's there but no one's saying anything about it...


Chapter 2 of The 3 Little Piggies

Chapter Two The house on Ravenstone Drive looked empty.  It was an old house - one would think it was a double story abode but looks can be deceiving.  Half wood and half brick, it presented itself as many other older, uncared for homes on Ravenstone Drive.  But it had a secret place beneath its … Continue reading Chapter 2 of The 3 Little Piggies

Chapter 4 of The 3 Little Piggies

Chapter Four The town was going crazy, fear creating irrational behaviour. Two young women had been found brutally murdered with their throats slit, in only two days.  There were also two missing persons' bulletins out for a Jaqui Lomax and Katherine August.  Both of them were young, vibrant women on the brink of the rest … Continue reading Chapter 4 of The 3 Little Piggies


Hello world

I have a degree in Criminology and a strange sense of the macabre, a great marriage for a psycho killer thriller to be written.  And so I did! Now, The 3 Little Piggies is available on AMAZON :)) Two years ago my life, as I knew it, came to a tragic end and so I … Continue reading Hello world


I place the brain in its’ skull…

When I finally find my rhythm and I am the one eager to push forward.  When I can't help but mould and mash a character of no charm, or carefully fine tune a delicate life, an angry spirit, that tortured soul....nothing can stop me.  Time is of zero meaning or consequence.  Food and water are … Continue reading I place the brain in its’ skull…