About Me

I have a BA in Criminology and worked for the Police as a National Intelligence Support Officer. My life changed drastically due to an injury so I decided to reinvent myself. With my life experience, job experience and psyche/violence background I decided to write what I knew about. I was born and now live, in New Zealand, but was brought up in South Africa. I returned over 20 years ago, had a family and settled down to a life I wanted and loved. I never thought I would ever have a chance to share my writing with the world, but the Universe works in strange ways….so here I am!

Please have a look and follow my journey as a new author on The writer’s blogk at http://kaitkingthewriter.wordpress.com as well

Thanks to all my family, friends, fans and followers x

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38 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the follow. With every new direction that God leads us to there are explosive blessings. Your injury just like mine was to redirect our focus.


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    • Oh thank you so much Emma and yes, life has a funny way of shoving you where you’re supposed to go! Thank you for your kind words and beautiful heart – blessings, love and light to you and yours too 🙂 x

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  2. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I am getting ready to transition from one career to another and am having fun being terrified about reinventing myself!

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  3. Dear Kait,
    Your About me page is not easily accessible. It is a sub menu, can you make it make it visible by just coming to homepage – i mean a direct link from the home page visit.

    Rest I just love your writing work and your spirit for writing frequency.
    I see you as a gem that I discover.Can you do one thing – Jump high in the sky, take a pic with a smile, and and post it on your blog with title – ‘Cheers’ and no content.

    With love and regards ,

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  4. I feel you are amazing and unique person. You know i love mystery thrillers a lot. In my school days i even attempted to write a detective story with my own. Though it was kiddish still an attempt. Though as i grew up i got, not distracted,but inclined to romance and love stories. ❤ Still i would love to read you 🙂

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    • Well thank you! 🙂 I tend to write poetry to be appealing and serial killer thrillers to be disgusting – which can also be appealing to some! 🙂 I love it I must say – writing has become my catharsis and a way to spill out all of my feelings, thoughts and imagined or otherwise injustices! Hope you enjoy the roller coaster ride and happy reading 🙂

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      • its my adolescent dream that at least once in my life i will try to write a detective social story which depicts about a person say a psychic about the injustice and corruption in the society. The person then brings justice to the left out. I used to think of a title THE SPY. He uses his techniques to beat the corruption and fight injustice. 🙂 actuly once i had a dream of this story

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