Chapter 8 of The 3 Little Piggies

Chapter Eight

What a crappy day… I had to put Rose Carmichaels’ old cat, Lulu to sleep this morning.  Being a vet can be both rewarding and very sad.  I knew Lulu had to be put out of her pain.  She was 21 human years, which is a really good innings for a cat – but in many ways it makes it even harder to let them go when it’s been such a close and loving relationship for so long.  It was just sad to see poor Rose lose a dear friend, it was more than companionship.  It was just like losing a family member and as joyous and rewarding as that was, as heartbreaking and sad it was too.

Well the day has ended now – what would be worse would be having to put six healthy puppies or kittens down!  Which, thank God, the Universe, Buddha – anyone who had a hand in that shit – had never happened and hopefully never would.  I wouldn’t be able to do it and I wouldn’t do it.  I would have to invest in a menagerie then though.

Things around here had been a little strange lately.  Poor Leanne had had a scare – I must call her when I get in.  The need to call her had been hovering like a bee around me all day.  I wouldn’t settle until I had heard her voice.

I pulled into my driveway and sat listening to the end of a song.  The music took me away and I stood in Leanne’s bathroom feeling incredibly strong.  It felt like my skin was struggling to hold me inside – there wasn’t enough space for me…

My hands were around her throat, squeezing the air out of her.  I had an odd sensation that I was squashing wet clay in my hands.  I couldn’t believe my incredible strength.  Lee was thrashing around quite a bit in her nearly empty bath that she had been enjoying and everything was getting wet.  The bitch is clawing at me – bulging eyes implore me.  I can’t tell if she is crying or if it’s just the splashes on her face or maybe I’m actually squeezing those tears out of her.  I’m tempted to lick her face to see if they are the salty tears I so badly want her to have.  She’s scratching at me – trying desperately to get a hold.  I choke her harder – I feel my eyes bulging with my own exertion and I squint them closed into slits.  Die!  For fucksake die!  My thumbs have gone numb and even the nail part is void of blood as I crush and crush and crush.

She goes limp.  Fine-a-fucking-lee…

He is sobbing, gasping in the gulps of air he has stolen from her.  He has a hard-on like you wouldn’t believe!  He yanks his balaclava off his head in one swift movement, trying to replace the air he has expelled in his excitement.  He leaves her floating in the bath with tiny bubbles popping out of her nose which, when reaching the surface, burst into oblivion as Leanne’s’ last breath.  Meanwhile he trashes the medicine cabinet – finds a condom and puts it on – thank God for the modern woman -always prepared.  The thought makes him grin to himself as he drags her out of the bath.  He aches for her. He didn’t bring any condoms with him because he believed he would not be tempted – but there you go.  Rules were made to be broken.

The body is still warm – it makes slapping sounds as her arms and legs fall to the tiled floor.  He rides her and fucks her and shunts her round the slippery bathroom.  Her arms and legs still flailing in a macabre dance as he pants and mutters above her.  Doing his magic, playing God, fucking another bitch in the eye – they could all be blinded by his light…

The static on the radio was spitting at me as I sat there in a daze – mesmerised by the morbid flashing visions I had just experienced.  I leapt into action.  Step number one:  I needed to call Leanne – something was very weird and very scary.

I ran up to the house.  Hurriedly opened the door and checked my messages.  Leanne had left a message saying she was out on a hot date tonight so she wasn’t going to be there anyway.  I couldn’t help myself; I had to ring – just in case.

She didn’t answer and I didn’t leave a message.  I felt so sure she was safe and that the visions I had experienced had nothing to do with Leanne – she was all right.  On a date, hopefully a romantically successful date!  I still didn’t feel too good about the whole situation – like an annoying piece of sand in your eye – it didn’t let me forget it.

Bella and Gorgeous George helped to cheer me up a little but what I really wanted to do was race out to Lee’s place and check on her.  I guess I was being paranoid but I really didn’t feel safe or comfortable about anything.  I spent a restless night on the couch with the cats, the television blaring at me intermittently when the adverts came on – why do they make the ads louder than the normal programme?  I hate that.

 © Kait King, 2015

2 thoughts on “Chapter 8 of The 3 Little Piggies

  1. I read a lot of blogs. Sometimes, I forget when I click over to yours that it’s fictional. So,I’m reading…. Aww, poor woman has to put her cat down. Then, as you well know, it got weird. That’s several you’ve gotten me!

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