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        • She’s terrifying!! I can’t believe I’ve created such a monster – but then again, that’s my job and claim to fame lol 🙂 Little as it is! The 3 Little Piggies is my first finished piece that I’m putting up here on WP….Have no idea what to do next but am delighted with the feedback and think I’m on the right track 🙂 It’s amazing, finishing a body of work and people actually want to read what I wrote….crazy, still can’t get my head around it 🙂

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            • Oh I would love to 🙂 – I just have no idea what I’m doing. A newbie at this – have had book written for years and due to tragic circumstance it is getting out there now 🙂 Finally! Seem to be pro’s and con’s for both sides….what did you do? And how? 🙂 if it’s not too rude of me to ask! 🙂

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              • Well, publishing anything at all is a real challenge, especially for a new writer. So, don’t get upset if you submit something and it gets bounced out!

                In fact, many manuscripts aren’t even returned by prospective publishers anymore. How rude!

                There are guides out there with certain publishers for various types of books. They’ll help you get started, but you must be willing to write in a publisher’s “wheelhouse,” according to what they require. Otherwise, they won’t even respond.

                I think these books may help you get a taste for what’s happening in the publishing world. They may be available in some book stores, or on line…

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                • Yes, I’ve been doing a bit of research and I found that if you self-publish, no one else from an actual publishing house will touch you with a ten foot pole. Generally speaking. Oh yes, JK Rowling sent hers to 140 different places, changed her name to be ambiguous (male) and was successful! And yes it’s a grind of sending out my outline/precis to everyone possible I guess. Looking at self-publishing on Lulu.com for an anthology of poems – just to see what it is like…thanks for the info and advice 🙂 much appreciated!

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